Friday, May 09, 2014

SPLC's Richard Cohen All Butthurt Over Joint Council Of Conservative Citizens - League Of The South Rally In Montgomery

As advertised, activists representing the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League Of The South formed up in front of the headquarters of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in Montgomery, AL on May 9th, 2014. They were holding a Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally, and targeted the SPLC because of their lawsuit to overturn Alabama's Marriage Protection Act and Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, approved by 81 percent of the voters in 2006. From the screenshot above, it looked like at least 16 people showed up, but updated information from Occidental Dissent reveals at least 50 people were present. There were no antifa or other counter-protestors.

The primary local media story was published by the Montgomery Advertiser. Activists carried Alabama state flags along with the flag of the Kentucky Orphan Brigade, which fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. Michael Hill, chairman of the League of the South, said the protest was a demonstration of support for the idea of Christian marriage. He also disputed the SPLC's designation of the League of the South as a hate group designation, explaining "We love the South. We love Southern tradition. We love family."

Meanwhile, Brad Griffin, a board member of the Council of Conservative Citizens who also edits Occidental Dissent under the holdover nom de plume of Hunter Wallace, said same-sex marriage is a novelty that the founding fathers never even considered as an issue. "The idea that it is against their constitutional rights, I just don't think it is true. I don't think it holds water," Griffin said. Griffin has also opened up a discussion thread on Occidental Dissent.

Morris Dees (L) and Richard Cohen (R) looking down on the rally

Richard Cohen, the Jewish President of the SPLC who keeps chief counsel Morris Dees on a tight leash, was all butthurt; he issued an official statement expressing nominal respect for their First Amendment rights, but characterizing them as "unrepentant racists and bigots" with a "vile message". Like that's going to influence us to change our minds. LOL! Here's the embed of Cohen's full statement:

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Council Of Conservative Citizens And League Of The South To Rally Against The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) On May 9th

Update May 9th: Updated post on rally. Anywhere from 16- 25 activists showed up.

The Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) and the League Of The South (LoS) have joined forces to hold a rally against the Southern Poverty Law Center at their headquarters in Montgomery, AL on Friday May 9th, 2014. Holding it on a weekday will ensure SPLC staffers are on the job and can feel at least a fraction of the pain they've inflicted upon so many people nationwide.

-- Location: 400 Washington Avenue in Montgomery, AL (MAP)
-- Time: May 9th from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. CDT
-- Particulars: Dress casual but respectable, no T-shirts, no belt buckles or hats with pictures, flags or messages. Do not bring your own signs or posters; organizers will provide signs.
-- Specific Issue: Activists are protesting the SPLC lawsuit in federal court that seeks to overturn Alabama laws that prevent the recognition of legal same-sex marriages from other states. Other issues include mass immigration, political correctness, and increasing employment discrimination against whites.

The official announcements originally published by the two organizations are re-published after the jump.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Only One Version Of The Holocaust Allowed To Be Taught At The Rialto Unified School District

In April 2014, the Rialto Unified School District handed out an essay assignment to its middle schoolers. They were asked to write about the Holocaust. However, their efforts soon ran afoul of the Anti-Defamation League and the other usual suspects, so the district backtracked to get back on the so-called "straight and narrow". Via Stormfront, here is a video news report from KCBS:

According to the San Bernardino Sun, here's how the controversy got started:

“When tragic events occur in history, there is often debate about their actual existence,” the assignment read. “For example, some people claim the Holocaust is not an actual historical event, but instead is a propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain. Based upon your research on this issue, write an argumentative essay, utilizing cited textual evidence, in which you explain whether or not you believe the Holocaust was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain. Remember to address counterclaims (rebuttals) to your stated claim. You are also required to use parenthetical (internal) citations and to provide a Works Cited page".

KTLA Channel 5 adds more information. They reported that the 18-page assignment instructions included three sources that students were told to use, including one that stated gassings in concentration camps were a hoax and that no evidence has shown Jews died in gas chambers. The sources were identified as and and

As you can see, there was NO Holocaust denial promoted. The primary purpose was to develop critical thinking skills, as school board member Joe Martinez explained in his May 2nd statement to The Sun:

“One of the most important responsibilities for educators is to develop critical thinking skills in students. This will allow a person to come to their own conclusion. Current events are part of the basis for measuring IQ. The Middle East, Israel, Palestine and the Holocaust are on newscasts discussing current events. Teaching how to come to your own conclusion based on the facts, test your position, be able to articulate that position, then defend your belief with a lucid argument is essential to good citizenship. This thought process creates the foundation for a good education. The progression is within district board policy and also supports the district’s student inspired motto: ‘Today’s Scholars, Tomorrow’s Leaders.’"

As a result, no teachers, students or parents objected to the assignment. But that was not good enough for the ADL, and on Friday May 2nd, 2014, Matthew Friedman, associate regional director of the Los Angeles office of the ADL, issued the following statement by e-mail:

"It is ADL’s general position that an exercise asking students to question whether the Holocaust happened has no academic value; it only gives legitimacy to the hateful and anti-Semitic promoters of Holocaust denial"
. On their main website, the ADL issued a more moderate statement that was still critical of the District's effort. One person made a number of calls to police with some very specific death threats against district spokeswoman Syeda Jafri and interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam. The Associated Press claims the person communicating the threats may be white, but the media tends to consider Jews as white.

The District quickly caved in. On Sunday May 4th, district spokeswoman Syeda Jafri said that interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam will be talking with the Educational Services Department to assure that any references to the Holocaust "not occurring" will be stricken on any current or future Argumentative Research projects. Jafri added that the Holocaust should be taught in classrooms with sensitivity and profound consideration for the victims who endured the atrocities committed.

This, of course, means that only one version of the Holocaust can now be taught at the Rialto Unified School District.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Craig Cobb Gets Supervised Probation, Will Retire From White Racial Activism And Move To Missouri To Care For His Mother

The "new" Craig Cobb
From the Associated Press and the Bismarck Tribune and KFYR Channel 5, we learn that on April 29th, 2014, Craig Cobb's immediate future has been settled. Judge David Reich accepted a guilty plea on five misdemeanor menacing counts and one felony terrorizing charge, and sentenced Cobb to four years supervised probation but no additional prison time beyond the 167 days served since November. Among the 26 conditions of probation imposed upon Cobb include orders that he must stay 500 yards from Leith, N.D., have no contact with his victims, do not own or possess any firearms, consume no alcohol, procure gainful employment, cannot use surveillance equipment, and must submit to search of his person, possessions, or domicile upon demand. Cobb will be wearing a global positioning system monitor.

Cobb initially was charged with five felonies and faced a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Before sentencing, Cobb told the court "I regret my actions. I know I was wrong and I accept responsibility for my actions. It was an unfortunate confluence of circumstances and bad decisions on my part". He plans to retire from white nationalism, and will seek permission to transfer his probation to Missouri to care for his mother. Cobb has since sold his house and deeded eight other properties in Leith back to the city. However, Leith Mayor Ryan Schock is unhappy with the plea deal because three properties are still owned by white nationalist sources, to include the National Socialist Movement, Tom Metzger, and Alex Linder.

Background: You can read this VNN Forum thread for details. In summary, inspired in part by the successful Pioneer Little Europe (PLE) communities in Kalispell, MT and La Crescenta, CA, Craig Cobb decided to replicate the PLE experiment in North Dakota to take advantage of the proximity of the high-paying jobs of the Bakken oil fields. He chose Leith as his proposed PLE community, and had speculated on the possibility of eventually renaming it "Cobbsville". However, the SPLC caught wind of the project and outed him in August 2013. Cobb decided to fight fire with fire and go on the offensive; he invited others to join him in Leith. He also reportedly had a couple of verbal confrontations with the only black resident in Leith. Because Cobb had received threats, he started patrolling while carrying a gun. This is what got him into trouble and triggered his arrest. Great strategy -- poor tactics. This means "mum" has to be the word on any future PLE projects; if you do it, keep your mouth shut about it and handle it like April Gaede and Scott Ernest have in Kalispell.

Monday, April 28, 2014

National Socialist Movement Commemorates 40th Anniversary With Agitprop Rally In Chattanooga, Tennessee

During the weekend of April 26-27, 2014, while the annual American Renaissance conference was taking place in Burns, Tennessee, another form of pro-White activism was occurring in Chattanooga. Garnering the lion's share of media attention was an NSM agitprop rally in Chattanooga on April 27th at the Hamilton County Courthouse. Subjects addressed included illegal immigration, crime, increasing anti-White violence, and how the NSM strives to bring about meaningful social awareness and political change.

According to the NSM website, this was a part of their 2014 National Meeting which also commemorated their 40th anniversary. And according to a highly-biased media story from, an estimated 24 pro-White activists (this number also published by The Chattanoogan) were offset by over 300 counter-protestors. There were also four NSM sympathizers wearing black leather vests with swastikas who joined the counter-protestor crowd after they had been unable to get into the main rally; they had arrived on motorcycles with vests that said "Soul Survivor Brotherhood." Hundreds of local cops were on hand to keep the peace.

The Times-Free Press claims the the NSM is "notorious for inciting violence" and was "itching to provoke", even though it was one of the counter-protestors, Knoxville attorney Chris Irwin, who held the classical sign reading, "Follow your leader", which includes a photo of Adolf Hitler shooting himself in the head. This is the same Chris Irwin who counter-protested a rally on behalf of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in Knoxville back in May 2007. Makes you wonder who the real inciters are. Via Occidental Dissent, a couple of videos:

Surprisingly, the Times-Free Press also interviewed one person who sympathized with the NSM. Daniel Coffelt said he wasn't ashamed to be there in support of the NSM; he said he was recently fired from Amazon by a black man. He's tired of discrimination against whites, and thinks interracial dating is wrong.

""They're having sex with white women to mock white men," he said. "We're standing in the breadlines while blacks and Hispanics get grants and government assistance."